About the Law Offices of Svetlana L. Kaff

Our mission is to help families, individuals, and employers navigate the United States Immigration Process, and to deliver the highest level of client satisfaction possible during this process. Managing Immigration Attorney – Svetlana L. Kaff, immigrated to the United States from Ukraine (former Soviet Union) in 1991. Since then, she has dedicated her career and essentially her life to helping immigrants from all over the world navigate the immigration process. Svetlana understands the complexities involved in getting a legal status in the United States whether temporary or permanent, as well as the complexities and emotions involved. Svetlana’s personal story is a success, and she is committed to helping people make their own success stories.

Svetlana is a California licensed Certified Immigration and Nationality Law attorney representing corporations, individuals, families, governments and other institutions from the former Soviet Union and from everywhere in the world, including all 50 of the United States. Svetlana works tirelessly in all matters related to the United States Immigration & Nationality Law such as Employment Based Immigration, Family Immigration and Asylum and Deportation Defense. Svetlana frequently and successfully represents clients in Immigration Court Proceedings at Master and Individual Hearings everywhere in the United States and if necessary in further appeals to the BIA and Circuit Courts of Appeals. Svetlana Kaff has over 10 years of successful legal experience in family and business Immigration Law. Please call or email us to schedule your detailed legal consultation with Svetlana Kaff and let Svetlana assist you in your immigraiton journey.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help individuals, families, businesses and other organizations navigate the U.S. immigration process and to deliver the highest possible level of client satisfaction during this process.